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How to practise - children

A mini course that teaches piano students exactly how to practise piano for quick results

I find many of my piano students are at a complete loss as to what the best approach is with practising their instrument between lessons. Sometimes progress can feel slow and frustrating and many students feel very lost with regards to what to do in a practice session. It can also be tricky as the parent to know how best to assist your child with learning and practising their instrument. In response to this need, I have developed a 6 week training course to give both piano students and parents of students understand some clear and structured guidance with regards to learning piano, to take the mystery out of piano practice and to help piano students know exactly what to do each time they sit to play.

In this mini-course, each student will:

  • Learn how and what to practice
  • Develop strategies and systems for getting fast results
  • Begin to manage your mindset and do away with negative self-talk
  • Access some super powerful learning tools and piano practise techniques

By the end of this course each student will:

  • Be able to play new pieces quickly
  • Play and understand chords, scales and keys
  • Play and understand beat and rhythm
  • Sightread music effectively

"How to Practise" is a course designed specifically for learners who have some piano playing ability. It runs for 6 weeks, and includes everything needed to keep students motivated, to stop them feeling lost, and to help their piano playing progress quickly and effectively.

When you enroll your child in "How to Practise" you will have access to:

  • A weekly practice schedule
  • Specific daily practice guidelines
  • Audio tracks to follow for each practice session
  • A chart to keep track of individual goals and progress
  • Information to help you as the parent understand your child’s learning style and to guide and assist your child with their piano playing journey

Each week, each student will receive:

  • A simple piece of music, arranged for piano
  • A PDF file or print out of the piece
  • 6 separate audio practice tracks:
  1. The weekly piano arrangement
  2. Chords, scales and keys
  3. Reading, writing and listening exercises
  4. Technique and expression
  5. 5 minute practice
  6. Practice away from the piano

The cost of "How to Practise" is $120 and will be released on Monday 5 November, 2018.