I always believed I could play piano, it was my mother who insisted on lessons. My instruction followed a very traditional classical route, of strict practice schedules and examinations.  

I loved to play and performed often in many different environments.  My tertiary music study, at QUT in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane was an amazing experience, one that I still treasure today, mostly for the friendships gained which still remain.  

I began teaching as a teenager and learnt on the fly so to speak, loving every minute of it.  I’ve taught consistently ever since and have always felt very lucky to be able to live such a creative existence.

Ginger Cats Music Room came to being in the late 1990s, directly after I had completed my music degree at QUT.  The name refers to two gorgeous Ginger Cats, Fleta and Simba, who I lived with at the time in the Brisbane suburb of Holland Park.

I believe that everyone can benefit from having music in their lives, and I aim to make learning piano a magical experience.